Lake Forest Park August 29, 2018

11 *Stunning* Photos That Show Off Lake Forest Park’s Natural Beauty

Below, we wanted to show off some of our favorite photos of this special neighborhood from Instagram:

1. Beautiful view of Lake Washington from Lake Forest Park:

2. Lake Forest Park is extra photogenic in the summertime!

3. Autumn perfection at Animal Acres Park:

4. Horizon View Park is one of this community’s many idyllic parks. Click here for our guide to outdoor activities in Lake Forest Park!

5. Another scenic spot at Horizon View Park:

5. One of the many water sports you can take advantage of on Lake Washington:

6. A snapshot of lakeside living in Lake Forest Park:

7. One of the many stunning views:

8. Heading out for a day on the water? Get your cameras ready!

9. Perfect picnic scenery:

10. A gorgeous sunrise over Lake Washington is truly a lovely way to start the day:

11. The mountain is out!